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98% of companies are pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and affordability of 401GO.

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No administrative burden

After setup, you’ll forget you have a 401(k)! It only requires 10 minutes a year from you.

Payroll integrations make most of the work happen automatically, and our technology handles employee notifications, testing, and all other administrative tasks, taking the burden off you.

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401k for small business
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High quality investments

Thousands of funds to choose from, with guidance to help you offer the best ones to your team.

Our philosophy is designed to help participants have the best investing experience possible. So, we offer a large variety of funds to allow you to use those that perform in different market conditions. We make the funds affordable, so you don’t lose your savings to fees. And we allow you to bring your financial advisor with you, should you choose to. 
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Stellar customer support

We don’t automate relationships.

We offer live support for employees, and dedicated relationship managers for employers and partners. Just read our customer testimonials to see how valuable our support team has been to our clients! 

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401k for small business
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Automating everything but relationships.

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