fintech changing retirement

Fintech Solutions are Changing the Retirement Industry

401(k) plans are a great perk for a company’s employees and a much needed one. They give tax breaks to the employer and allow that employer, along with his employees, the opportunity to save for retirement on a pre-tax basis. It’s a win-win for all. Background Yet although there are many benefits...

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simple 401k provider

How Modern 401(k) Providers Eliminate Complexity

Time is money, time waits for no one, time lost is never found again. Sayings about time are common in our society, with good reason. One of the biggest business pressures you are likely to experience is time. Whether you are a business owner or financial advisor, saving time is critical. Why Do You...

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keys to 401k excellence

Want Your 401(k) Plan to Stand Out? Use These Keys.

Retirement benefits are the second most valued employee benefit a company offers, after health insurance. 88% of employees say a 401(k) is a must-have benefit when they’re looking for a job. Employees at large companies are taken care of, with 401(k) plans and executive compensation packages. But...

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401k setup considerations

401(k) Setup: What You Need to Know

Before a company can set up a 401(k) plan, some important decisions will need to be made. Many of these decisions can be tough to change, so responsible parties should consider carefully how these choices will impact their business and their employees.  Are you ready to get started? Navigate through...

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What is SECURE Act?

Getting to Know the SECURE Act

I know that you’re all excited to hear the nitty-gritty details of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Act or SECURE Act, and that’s why you’ve found yourself here, reading this. What I wanted to do was summarize and explain as much and as little as possible, and give you a place...

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401k shopping guide

Shopping for a 401(k)? Ask These Questions.

The vernacular of retirement benefits can sound like a foreign language. And, because the best 401(k) providers vary so much in what they offer and how much they charge, it can be difficult to do a good comparison. Since retirement plans weren’t very practical for small companies until a few short...

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California secure choice retirement

CalSavers: The California Secure Choice Program

The state of California has enacted into law a mandatory retirement plan called CalSavers. This mandate will affect millions of companies with employees in California. Understand the details and implications before making a decision with far-reaching consequences. Retirement Planning in California:...

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secure choice plans guide

401(k) or Secure Choice: The Ultimate Guide

A guide for advisors, accountants, benefit brokers, payroll providers and other practitioners to help guide your employer clients with employees in the affected states. With secure choice plans being offered in more and more states, it’s important to understand enough details to advise clients properly...

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Illinois secure choice vs. 401(k)

Illinois Secure Choice Program: Pros and Cons

The state of Illinois passed the Illinois Secure Choice Program Act, which became effective in June of 2015. Like many other similar state retirement programs, it mandates that all employers that do not offer a retirement plan to their employees participate in the state plan. Employers who will fall...

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media resources for advisors

6 Media Resources Every 401(k) Advisor Should Follow

The financial world is surprisingly fluid. While the principles of finance are constant, laws and regulations are always changing. Societal needs change, too, so your clients’ relationship with money will differ over time. To keep up with changes, and be prepared to best serve clients, 401(k) advisors...

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401GO Notoriety

401GO is Gaining Attention in the FinTech Space

In short years since our inception, 401GO has gained notoriety for our unique and powerful solution for 401(k) plans for small businesses. In addition to being found in the 2021 NAPA Black Book and the Benzinga 2021 FinTech Awards, this startup has been featured in many news articles and podcasts...

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Find The Right 401(k) Plan for Your Small Business

No matter the job market temperature, offering retirement savings benefits to employees can help small businesses level the playing field when competing for top-tier talent. Pensions and other traditional retirement vehicles often prove too expensive for smaller operations. However, a 401(k) plan...

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Any Size Business Can Offer A 401K Solution

Yes, Any Size Business Can Offer A 401(k) Solution

Small business owners recognize that offering employees a 401(K) savings plan as part of their overall compensation package delivers several significant benefits. Previous generations of workers often planned for their futures using more predictable savings vehicles like traditional pensions. However,...

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Why a Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan?

When it comes to selecting a 401(k) plan, you may not know where to start. You may also be confused by the options that are presented to you, and in many respects do not know what questions to ask even when the opportunity is given. I want to help everyone understand why you should add what is...

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Dynamics of financial growth

The Future of Retirement and the 401(k) Syndicate

Many Americans tend to think that a 401(k) plan is an auxiliary benefit, much like taking vitamins to stay healthy. So, when it comes to actual “serious” benefits it’s lower on the list of absolute necessity. This might be attributed to the converging views of cost versus value. If you add in the...

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The Free 401(k) Plan

A “401(k)” generally has a stigma of being too expensive and too time-consuming for small businesses in particular. The reality is that it doesn’t have to be. It can be simplified and it can be affordable. It’s that perspective that we hope to change at 401GO. Simple and affordable 401(k) plans shouldn’t...

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Everyone Ready for Retirement: MEP or not to MEP

Have you ever watched a child try to put a triangle-shaped block into a square-shaped hole? You know, that shape-sorting game in which the right shaped block goes in the right hole of the wooden box. It’s a timeless game that has been used from generation to generation. The child picks up a specific...

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globe in hand

401GO Cares and the CARES Act 401(k) Rules

At 401GO we hold the vision that everyone should have access to a 401(k) plan, and that it should be affordable and portable. Costs should be low and technology abundant. However, given the current events, we are also realistic. We understand that businesses may not be looking at the 401(k) plan as...

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting a 401(k) Plan

The time has come: you are expecting to have a 401(k) plan. All your business-owner friends have raved about having one, and you’ve been the one excluded from their group conversations and in most cases you’ve been confused by some of the things they’ve said. What do they mean about matching costs?...

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