Yes, any size business can offer a 401(k)!

Today’s workers rely heavily on 401(k) plans to supplement any social security income they may have once they leave the workforce, making them a highly coveted employer benefit.

Retirement savings options have evolved significantly over the last several years, becoming far more attainable (and affordable!) for small business owners who were deemed too small.

401k for small business

401(k) plans offer substantial tax savings.

Whether your business owner clients are just starting or have been in business for decades, a 401(k) may be an excellent addition to their businesses.

That’s because a 401(k) comes with various benefits, from tax deductions and credits to increased employee retention and satisfaction. The tax savings provided by a retirement benefit is often the biggest reason businesses choose to offer it. 

Automated 401(k) platforms are changing the game for small businesses.​

401GO is a cutting-edge  provider that uses state-of-the-art technology designed to streamline the process for contributors and significantly reduce the overall risk for businesses.

Knowing some of the most significant benefits of an online 401(k) plan can help you decide if this type of retirement savings program is right for your business.