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Setting up your 401(k) plan is simple and easy.

You can get set up in ten minutes or less. 

401(k) Plan Options

  • Match
  • Auto-Enrollment
  • Profit-Sharing
  • Eligibility Tracking
  • Payroll Integration and Simplicity
  • Annual Notices Provided Electronically
  • Control Notifications to your employees with the Employee Communication Panel
  • Annual Tax Reporting Filed for You! (Form 5500)

Want to review the details on the plan designs? Download the plan design guide.

It only takes a few minutes

Let's Start Saving Together

$9 Per Participant

Only $9 per participating employee a month paid by you as the employer. No setup fees, or hidden charges.

Transparent Fees

There's a .07% custodial fee and .50% for an investment fiduciary 3(38) fee, paid through participant assets.


With the SECURE Act you can save 50% (up to $5,000) on tax credits for costs related to your 401(k) plan for the first three years!

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