What is a MEP?

An MEP is a Multiple Employer Plan. This is a 401(k) plan that has two or more unrelated employers within it. MEPs are usually sponsored by PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations), business associations, or chambers of commerce. Employers often choose to

Why is it called a 401(k)?

The unusual name of this type of retirement plan comes from the section of the tax code that established it. Specifically, section 401, subsection k. The Revenue Act of 1978 inserted some new codes to deal with the tax requirements

What’s the difference between a 401(k) and a...

Many details differentiate a 401(k) from an IRA. The main difference is that only an employer can sponsor a 401(k) while an IRA is available without sponsorship. Another difference is the contribution limits. An IRA only allows for $6000/yr in

How do participants select investments?

401GO has created a unique guided portfolio builder. Rather than force participants into a pre-determined box, our strategy builder asks a few questions to determine investing goals and retirement needs, and uses this information to suggest a customized port 401GO