Can I opt out of a 401(k)?

Yes! While many 401(k) plans use auto-enrollment to encourage participation, it is never required for anyone to contribute. You will need to set up your account and log in to choose to opt out.

How do participants login and manage their account...

Go to to log in. We recommend setting up two-factor authentication, which can be done using text, phone, or the google authenticator app. While we don’t (yet!) have iOS or android apps available, it is possible to add a

How do I know my plan assets are safe?

401GO does the record-keeping and administration for your 401(k) account, but is not the custodian. We partner with Broadridge Matrix Trust Company, and they hold the plan assets, which are then invested into the market. 401GO directs these trades through

How long does it take to set up a plan?

We’ve timed it, and some have signed up in as little as 6 minutes! While we don’t want everyone to fly through setup this quickly, most find that if they have their information prepared in advance, they can complete the