Do you perform nondiscrimination testing?

Annual tests are required by the IRS to ensure employees are not being unfairly excluded or from the 401(k) plan. Traditional providers test the plan annually as required, and if the plan fails, adjustments need to be made. These adjustments

Who files the form 5500?

The 5500 form is an annual tax requirement for every 401(k) plan. It reports general contribution information and helps ensure plan compliance. 401GO will prepare the form, as well as sign and file it. We ask plan sponsors to review

Do I need a fidelity bond?

The IRS requires businesses to have insurance to protect 401(k) participants against fraud or misappropriation by those who have access to funds. Most business insurance plans will cover up to $100,000, so when plan assets are higher than this, it’s

Do you offer payroll integration?

Yes! We provide integration with some common payroll providers, and with our True360™ service (available on our GoPlus and GoPremier plans), we integrate with almost all providers. For those on our GoStarter plan, and using a provider with which we do

Do you manage distributions and loans?

Part of what makes 401GO so great is the administration that is provided. We will review and authorize any distribution or loan requests that come through from participants in your 401(k) plan. It’s easy for participants to request through our