Why is your service so affordable?

Our platform is designed for small businesses, so we have reduced much of the complication associated with traditional 401(k) providers. There are two important keys that allow us to give you a very affordable plan. The first is service bundling.

What is True360™ integration?

True360™ is how we are able to integrate with almost every payroll provider that exists. We are actively working to create full API integrations with as many payroll companies as we can, but it’s difficult and time-consuming work, and we

Do you charge per employee or per participant?

Many 401(k) providers charge per eligible employee. 401GO charges only for those employees who actively participate in the plan. Our base price is $9/participant and we offer discounts for those with 50+ participating employees.

What are the plan design options?

We have a flexible platform that works for almost all plan design options. We understand the IRS requirements. We guide you through the setup process carefully, and then offer a plan design suggestion that best meets your company’s needs. Of

How can I start a plan with 401GO?

We thought you would never ask! If you’re ready to GO and don’t have any other questions, then click on Get Started to take you to our easy-to-use setup. If you have other questions and want to discuss this, please schedule a