Say YES!

While nobody wants to admit it, every advisor dreads those small startup plans. In fact, most firms have established high minimum fees that make it nearly impossible to win clients that have new plans with few participants. With 401GO you can stop saying no or wasting time on proposals that lose out to other lower priced options.


We’re In This Together

While most modern web-based 401(k) solutions are in competition with Advisors, we understand the critical role they have in helping businesses with their 401(k). Our partner based model is built to make your life easy so you can focus on service rather than paperwork, billing and all the hassles of traditional plans. We want every plan we manage to have the support of a local advisor, in fact, if we get a plan that wasn’t referred to us from an advisor, we try to pair them up with one of our trusted partners.

Save Time

Stop wasting time with complicated on-boarding processes, frustrating plan design, administration, compliance and record-keeping.


We are the record-keeper, the plan administrator and we even handle both 3(16) and 3(38) fiduciary responsibilities. We keep your clients funds safe with Broadridge Matrix as the plan custodian

Plan Design

Our plan design and setup process takes mere minutes. Work with your client to determine which of our plans is best and then we do the rest. We even do all the heavy lifting when it comes to a take-over plan.


Our fully integrated system does ongoing testing throughout the year to help prevent against surprises that arise during year-end testing. We also handle annual 5500 filings so you don’t have to.

We Do The Billing

It really doesn’t get any easier than this. Our all-in $9/employee per month fee covers everything including your fee. In order to provide a simple and streamlined solution for your clients we handle all the billing so they don’t have to pay multiple invoices and they have no incentive to try and circumvent the value-added services you provide just to save a few bucks.