Saving Has Never Been Easier

At a glance employees can see how their portfolio is doing, how much they’ve saved, and can quickly and easily make changes to contribution amounts and investments. We’ve “gamified” many processes and interfaces to make them as enjoyable to use as possible. For example, when selecting your investment options, we’ve modeled the interface after fantasy football interfaces. We also keep employees on track with notifications delivered the way they want. Text messages, email or even plain ol’ paper are options to keep everyone in the know.

Fast Track To Retirement

The costs associated with your 401(k) plan have a huge impact on how quickly you’ll reach your retirement goals. See how much more you can save with 401GO. * Calculations based on a 7% average rate of return.  Average based on a plan of 25 employees with $250,000 in total assets.

Costs Other 401(k)* 401GO
Fund Expenses 0.54% 0.11%
Revenue Sharing 1.15% 0
Record-keeping & Admin 0.90% 0
Trustee 0.011% 0
Total 2.601% 0.11%

Amount Invested $K

401GO $

Other 401(k) $


Sure, we’ve got low cost Vanguard funds and we love them, but, they aren’t for everyone. So, we offer more than most 401(k) providers. We offer a broad variety of investment options that are designed to fit your participants needs. With 401GO you get a professionally managed fund line-up and plenty to choose from for participants that want to hand select their portfolio.


Most 401(k) plans allow participants to select from a limited list of a few funds. Our process is much more customized. We ask every participant a few questions to determine their risk tolerance and then couple that with census data to offer a portfolio designed specifically for their needs.