Small businesses deserve excellent retirement choices.

You can get them with CWM.


Many employers are looking for a 401(k) with less administration work, greater efficiencies and reduction in liability.

Caldera Wealth strives to do this and more. We work with only the best institutions to ensure you have the best possible retirement solution at the most affordable price.

A 401(k) no longer takes a lot of time.

Business owners and HR managers worry about the time required to set up and manage a 401(k) plan.

By using a modern, automated provider, setup time is reduced from weeks to minutes! And ongoing administration is handled automatically, so you'll almost never think about it.


Setup time
for employers


Management time
per year

A 401(k) through CWM comes at the best possible price.

Small businesses cannot afford high-priced plans. When you join the CWM group plan, you can take advantage of pooled pricing.

Businesses can get a substantially better price using the group plan than could be found by going it alone.


Set up fee


Termination fee