Invest Titan provides expert investment models through the 401GO platform.

For businesses and advisors that prefer to use an expert 3(38) fiduciary team, the Invest Titan investment models are a perfect fit. With more than two decades of financial planning experience and an emphasis on diversity and simplicity, their models are designed to increase wealth wisely.

The Invest Titan monitoring system ranks investments on four important criteria.

Performance | Risk | Expense | Management

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Financial advisors: learn more

Invest Titan and 401GO are great partners for financial advisors.

Financial advisors who truly want to give their clients the best value may use Invest Titan for 3(38) fiduciary services that are powered by 401GO.

Invest Titan can help you reduce fiduciary burden and liability while improving efficiency in your practice.

  • We monitor investments to ensure they rank in the top of their peer group.
  • We provide a core menu of “best in class” investments.
  • We provide an IPS (Investment Policy Statement) to meet the DOL requirements.
  • We provide quarterly monitoring reports, and we replace funds consistent with criteria detailed in the IPS.

While the out-of-the-box investments available from 401GO are excellent, they’re not always the best choice for every business. Book a meeting to discuss whether the Invest Titan models are a good fit for your clients.

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Business owners: learn more

Business owners can give their teams the best.

Our knowledge, experience and technology allow us to meet your needs, so you can provide your team with the best quality investment lineups.

We use a proprietary investment monitoring system that analyzes more than 25,000 funds and gives you only those that are top ranked.

  • 401GO will serve as the TPA and recordkeeper, with their partner Matrix Trust as the custodian.
  • Invest Titan will serve as the 3(38) fiduciary, providing investment options, and monitoring those funds for performance.
  • As the plan sponsor, you will work with 401GO for day-to-day management and customer service.

Invest Titan and 401GO are both dedicated to giving your team a superior standard of service.

Our investment philosophy gives you the best funds.

The Titan Fund Monitoring System is a proprietary investment monitoring system that analyzes more than 25,000 funds and ensures the top ranked investments are provided to you.

Funds are graded from 0% – 100% based on a list of quantitative and qualitative criteria.

  • 70% – 100% = Passes the investment monitoring criteria.
  • Below 70% = Some action should be taken because the fund has been on the watch list for 5 quarters or more.
  • Watch list = These funds do not meet the criteria and should continue to be monitored for future suitability.

If your organization might benefit from a using the Invest Titan investment models within your 401(k) plan, contact us to learn more.