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Financial Advisors

Nothing is better for a small business than a local advisor that understands their unique needs. A fintech platform like 401GO can simplify 401(k)s for clients and advisors. Our financial advisor partners appreciate having a simple and affordable solution for their small business clients.

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Accountants & CPAs

Accountants are often the first ones business owners turn to with financial questions. Your firm can have a bigger impact on clients by engaging a retirement partner like 401GO. Many accountants use a 401(k) to produce substantial tax savings for small businesses and their owners.

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Payroll Providers

Our integrations with payroll providers create natural and beneficial partnership opportunities. Offer your clients more when you refer them to a retirement platform that works with their existing payroll providers. We offer financial perks for partners that refer to us, because when we work together, we both win.

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Other Business Advisors

Any professional that serves small businesses can work with 401GO to offer clients a retirement benefit that can provide substantial advantages. Bookkeepers, attorneys, consultants, and more: Help your clients and yourself when you partner with 401GO.

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Professional Employer Organizations

PEOs that want to offer their members a retirement solution have often turned to an MEP. The 401GO Syndicate offers a faster, cheaper and more flexible alternative. Your organization members will appreciate you offering a useful employee benefit at a better price than they can get on their own.

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Business Associations

We partner with trade associations and chambers of commerce to provide more for members. When members get good retirement benefits the association thrives as well.

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