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About 401GO

401GO is an automated and fully-bundled service provider.

about 401GO
“The low cost is very important…. However, the ease of use and great customer support get top kudos!”
401GO star rating
401k for small business

Roth and traditional plans available.

Choose to take tax advantages now, or tax-free disbursements later.

401k for small business
small business 401k plans

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Here's how it works.

The setup process is easier than you think.

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Step 1: Account Setup

Create an account with your name, your business name, and your EIN or SSN.

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Step 2: Plan Design

Answer a few questions about plan design, and then check the assumptions we made.

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Step 3: Sign Documents

Sign your documents, connect your bank account, and you are ready to begin contributing!

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Automated platform, human support.

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