Generous PTO

We know everyone needs time to take care of their families and themselves. We allow employees to take the time they need, when they need it.

Health Insurance

A solid, reasonably-priced health insurance plan is available to full-time employees. We also offer a mental health benefit for employees and families.

Awesome 401(k)

Our 401(k) plan is on an amazing, easy-to-use, automated platform and comes with a generous employer match. It's our team's favorite benefit!

Flexible Hours

Depending on the nature of the job you do, you may be able to work flex hours. And, with unlimited PTO, you'll have time to take care of yourself.

“Excellent customer service”

I initially signed up through the State of CA for the requirement of offering a savings plan. Once I realized how much work it was, I reached out to my payroll company for help. They referred me to 401GO and

“Easiest 401(k) setup ever!”

401GO is the retirement plan for this and the next generation. Set-Up is as easy as it gets, and the team is actually responsive to help with any questions all along the way. 401GO was built with the business owner