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Fast, affordable 401(k) plans optimized for small and medium sized businesses.

Futures built here 401GO
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Our people are here for your people.

We understand how financial decisions impact families. We use technology to make our platform efficient and affordable, but it can never replace people.

Which is why, from first consideration to gold watch, we’ll have people to help at every point.

Small Businesses

We work for you.

Plan Advisors
Effective partnerships you can trust.


Actually easy.
Actually affordable.

Business owners tell us how much they appreciate the ease of using the 401GO platform. Busy work, data-entry errors and endless forms are virtually eliminated with our automated solution. Your 401(k) could be the least costly and most appreciated benefit you can offer employees!

Real help when you need it.

We don’t automate relationships. We offer live support by highly-trained support managers for employees and dedicated relationship managers for employers and partners. In the unlikely event you need help, we’ll be there. Just read our customer reviews to see how valuable our support team is!

"The ease of access and ease of use is amazing. The platform is very user friendly and easy for our employees."

-Lisa O.

"The ease to set up the 401k plan was amazingly simple. The ongoing administration is very easy. The selection of funds is fantastic."

-Steve T.

"You don't need to be an expert with 401k plan design to implement a plan in literally minutes."

-Kelly B.

"Their solutions are affordable, easy to manage and they have EXCELLENT customer service."

-Erin M.

You don’t have to be an HR expert.

We offer simple solutions for almost every circumstance.

People at every point.

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We work with advisors, not against them.

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