Small Business 401k Plans

Through integration and automation, we’ve created an entirely new way to save for retirement.

  • Get up and running in just minutes
  • Individualized guided portfolios
  • Simple and affordable pricing
401k plans by 401GO
Loved by Everyone


Administering a 401k has never been easier. Busy-work, data-entry errors, and endless forms are virtually eliminated with our automated platform. Automation leads to efficiency and efficiency leads to savings. Your 401k will be the least costly and most preferred benefit!


Spend less time and save more money. 401GO’s intuitive platform makes saving for retirement easier than ever. Rather than a simple shortlist of funds every user is offered a guided portfolio design, based on their risk tolerance and savings goals.


The best solutions are born from collaboration. That’s why we built a partner program that simplifies all aspects of a 401k offering. We’ve made it simple for our partners to offer their clients an affordable 401(k). We work with advisors, PEOs, payroll providers, CPAs, and more.

401k plans by 401GO – Loved by Everyone

Everyone Ready for Retirement

Our vision is to have everyone ready for retirement and everything about our platform and what we do revolves around that idea.

  • Accessible – A 401GO plan is simple to set up and administer, putting plans in reach of businesses of all size
  • Affordable – Whether you are a company of one or a company of one hundred, our pricing is simple to understand and affordable for all
  • Efficient – Technology is at the core of our platform empowering our users with tailor-made portfolios and automation to keep things simple

Simple Pricing

401GO was designed for efficiency to make it affordable for small businesses, but it also has the power and flexibility needed by larger organizations for more complex needs.

Signup in Minutes

Most plan providers take an average of 8 weeks to setup a plan. We think 8 minutes is more appropriate.

No Hidden Fees

No startup fees, no base fee, no filing fee, no compliance fee, no BS! Absolutely, positively, no hidden fees in your 401k plan. 


We are a one-stop-shop for your 401(k). We handle all aspects of your 401(k), so there is no need for additional service providers.


per participant – monthly

Key Features

  • Flexible Plan Design
  • Safe Harbor Plans
  • Roth & Traditional Options
  • Auto Enrollment ($500 tax credit!)
  • Automated Compliance & Testing
  • Dynamic Rebalancing
  • Payroll Integration
Built for Business

Robust Plan Design

We’ve streamlined plan design by keeping things simple and finding the key features that most businesses need. Get up and running in minutes, not weeks.


Our pricing simple and the few fees we have are the lowest in the industry. Fees erode savings and when compounded over a career, the difference can be well over $300k

Compliance & Testing

Rather than wait until the end of the year when filings are due, we run continuous automated testing and compliance. We also handle the filings and ensure your plan is in compliance.

3(38) Fiduciary

Investments must be suitable for a 401(k) plan. You will feel better knowing an investment fiduciary has reviewed and monitors the investments offered at 401GO.

Intelligent Investing

Our Dynamic Rebalancing allows for automatic rebalancing and the guided portfolio helps you and your employees navigate the process of putting together an investment portfolio that matches up with goals and time horizon for retirement.

Payroll Integration

Our 401(k) submission process is easy enough that it only takes a small amount of your time, but we also believe that integration with a payroll provider makes it even easier. We integrate with many payroll providers to make your 401(k) plan even better. 

Modern 401k Plan