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Simple For Employers Loved By Employees Affordable For All​

Through integration and automation, we’ve created an entirely new way to save for retirement.



Everyone Wins With 401GO


Administering a 401(k) has never been easier. Busy-work, data-entry errors and endless forms are virtually eliminated with our automated platform. Automation leads to efficiency and efficiency leads to savings.


Spend less time, save more money. 401GO provides a simple and straightforward interface that makes saving for retirement easier than ever. It also costs way less than the industry average!

We recognize and embrace the role of payroll providers, CPAs, advisors and benefit brokers in helping small businesses succeed. We partner with those providers to save them time and help them serve their business clients better.

Two Customizable Options

401GO was designed for efficiency to make it affordable for small startup plans but it also has the power and flexibility that is needed by larger organizations or more complex needs.

Simple solution for NEW plans

$9/mo per participating employee. No Startup, Base Fee or Asset Fees.

401GO Highlights:

  • Safe Harbor and Non-Safe Harbor Plans

  • Optional Auto Enrollment

  • Flexible Vesting and Eligibility Rules

  • Fully automated Compliance Testing

  • Affiliated Companies

Comprehensive solution for NEW or EXISTING plans

$5-9/mo per participating employee. No Startup or Base Fee

401GO+ Highlights:

  • Everything from 401GO plus:

  • New Comparability Profit Sharing

  • Cash Balance Add-On

  • Volume pricing for 50+ employees

  • Quick automated plan transfer