Get Your 401(k) Plan Up And Running In Six Minutes, NOT Six Weeks

Through automation and efficiency, 401GO manages the mundane aspects of running a 401(k) plan so businesses can focus on what they do best.

simple 401(k) solution

Everyone Wins With 401GO



Administering a 401(k) has never been easier. Busy-work, data-entry errors and endless forms are virtually eliminated with our automated platform. Automation leads to efficiency and efficiency leads to savings.



Spend less time, save more money. 401GO provides a simple and straightforward interface that makes saving for retirement easier than ever. It also costs way less than the industry average!



401GO is the only modern solution built by advisors for advisors. Our focus is on saving advisors time by taking on administration, record keeping and compliance so they can do what matters most, advising clients.


oriented pricing

Most 401(k) providers need a whole section of their website dedicated to pricing and that’s even if they’ll tell you without requiring an hour long sales pitch. Ours is simple: $9 per employee per month. ZERO setup fee, ZERO minimums, ZERO bond fee, ZERO Advisor fee, ZERO 5500 fees, ZERO BS!