Helping people save for the future with affordable and accessible retirement plans.

We think

a 401k benefit should be simple and affordable

We are on a mission

to make retirement available to all!

We deliver far more
for far less


  • Time Saving Automation

  • Powerful Portfolio Tools

  • Low Cost Investments

  • Plan Design Options


  • Administrative Hassle

  • Employer Expenses

  • Cost to Employees

  • Complicated & Hidden Fees

We ❤ small businesses

Our founding team is made up of entrepreneurs and business owners that have run multiple small businesses. We understand that most employers know very little about 401(k) plans and are simply looking for a quick, easy to use and affordable solution. While focusing on the needs of a small business we had to rethink everything from nonsensical industry jargon to the processes in place for setting up and administering a 401(k) plan. We coupled this fresh approach with automation and built a fully integrated and intuitive system that does the work of what is typically done by 3-4 providers. Ultimately, through all our efficiency and automation, we save employers and employees money, time and hassle, giving them the opportunity to save for retirement.


Jared Porter


The 401(k) space is complex. Jared has a proven track record doing everything from client relations to compliance and everything in between. His experience gives him the vision to lead the disruption of antiquated 401(k) administration. He is instrumental in helping 401GO find rapid growth and capitalize on new opportunities.

Nate Beck


After researching all the available legacy solutions in the industry, Nate determined everything was overly complex and inefficient. After everyone assured him building a full-stack, comprehensive solution wasn’t possible, Nate realized he had found an opportunity. Having previously automated complex retail and distribution systems, Nate is excited to take on 401(k) administration.

Dan Beck


Having built several successful businesses, Dan understands the plight of small business owners and entrepreneurs. For his previous endeavors, offering a 401(k) plan wasn’t a feasible option. Through his obsession to details, his ability to boot-strap and relentless drive, he’s ensuring today’s small businesses can offer a 401(k) plan.

Join our Team

If you are looking to work someplace where you can disrupt the status quo and have a positive impact in others lives. Please join us as we work to get everyone ready for retirement!