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Fast Setup

You can complete the set up process in as little as 15 minutes. We eliminate the need for negotiating multiple agreements, forms and spreadsheets. Using our guided process, you'll be saving in no time!

No Administrative Burden

After setup, you'll only spend 10 minutes a year taking care of your plan. Payroll integrations and other automations make most of the tasks happen in the background, with no work from you.

Affordable Pricing

Using economies of scale, we pooled plans allow us to negotiate a much better price than you could get on your own. The current price is $7/participant, and it drops as the plan grows.

Live Customer Support

We don't make your employees talk to robots! Live support is available for employees with dedicated relationship managers for employers and their admins.

Most business owners don't realize how easy and affordable a 401(k) plan can be.

Payroll Integrations

With True360™, we can integrated with almost every payroll provider out there.

Flexible Plan Designs

We can accommodate almost any type of plan design, including safe harbor, profit-sharing and traditional options.


On our Plus and Premier plans, an ERISA bond is included, so your assets are insured and safe.

Guided Portfolio Builder

We don't shove participants into pre-built boxes, we customize portfolios to meet their individual needs.

Automated Notifications

Our system will send out required notifications by email, so you'll never have to track employee eligibility on your own.

Nondiscrimination Testing

We provide automated, ongoing testing to watch for problems all year long, so you won't have surprises at year end.

Compliance Work

We prepare, sign and file the 5500 form, as well as the 1099-R and 8955-SSA. We'll take responsibility for the accuracy of these forms.

Portable Plans

We don't charge termination fees and don't require specific design options, making your plan easy to detach, should you ever choose to leave the group.

Choose Caldera Wealth Management Group


Caldera Wealth has been serving the community for the past 20 years. We provide access to a valuable offering for employers sponsoring a retirement plan. Many employers are seeking less administration work, greater efficiencies and reduction in liability. Caldera Wealth strives to do this and more.

We partner with 401GO because they offer a truly excellent platform that offloads much of the responsibility business owners carry. 401GO manages employee eligibility tracking and notifications, contributions, processing distributions, completing all plan testing, annual reporting and annual IRS filings. Their platform also offers participant education and enrollment, financial wellness, investment monitoring for performance and fees.

Joining into a group retirement program offers individual companies with the buying power of one large plan with the flexibility to design a plan that is unique to your needs.

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401GO is Your 401(k) Servicing Partner

Most small businesses are reluctant to start a 401(k) plan because of two main factors: time and cost. 401GO manages these concerns with two big features: automation and service bundling.

401GO provides plan design, administration, recordkeeping, compliance, payroll integration and more, so you don’t have to. You’ll only pay one service provider, and  you’ll always know who to turn to for support.

The proprietary 401GO platform uses automation to perform tasks and keep costs low. No human input is required to manage contributions each pay period, track eligibility or send out required notifications. Most business owners spend just 10 minutes a year managing their plan!

Visit G2 to learn why 401GO deserves its 4.9-star rating.

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