Saving Has Never Been Easier

At a glance employees can see how their portfolio is doing, how much they’ve saved, and can quickly and easily make changes to contribution amounts and investments.
Attract & Retain Top Talent
Top candidates evaluate a company’s 401(k) offering when deciding between multiple job offers.
Business Tax Savings
With a tax-deferred 401(k) plan by 401GO, you save taxes on the earnings of your contributions.
Matching Contribution
The IRS doesn’t require employers to match employee contributions, though many do.

Feature Rich

Payroll Integration

Enrollment Options

Eligibility Options

Roth & Traditional

401(k) Administrator

Interactive Dashboard


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is 401GO?

401GO is a custom-built 401(k) platform. We are focused on automation and technology to make it easier and much more affordable for companies to sponsor a 401(k) plan. We handle the annual administration, required notifications, distributions, loans, and tax filing (Form 5500).

How Long Does It Take To Setup A 401(K) Plan With 401GO?
We’ve timed it, and there have been some that have signed up in 6 minutes. Although it’s important to take your time and review the information. Setup is easy and you could be set up in minutes, but we allow you to leave and come back to the setup at your leisure.
How Much Does It Cost?
We want a 401(k) plan to be available to all businesses regardless of size, and so we have modeled our costs accordingly. We have an employer monthly fee of $9 per participating employee in the 401(k) Plan. There are no setup, document, administration, or filing fees in addition to that.
What Are The Plan Design Options?
We have many ideal plan design options for a small business 401(k) plan. We offer all the Safe Harbor plan designs (Basic, Enhanced, Auto-Enrollment (QACA), and Non-Elective). There’s also an option to do a profit-sharing contribution or additional employer contributions at the end of the year.

More Questions? We’re here to help.