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With financial advisor partnerships, everyone wins.
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Provide a better client experience.

You get a lot when you partner with 401GO. Our platform was built to support advisors, not supplant them. We know our solution is more powerful when you’re included.
Here’s what you get when you invest in a partnership with 401GO.
The best relationships
No one wants to get customer service from a robot. All our advisor partners get a dedicated relationship manager, with support available by phone, email or chat. Our excellent support is our top-rated feature!
Easy-as-pie administration

Fully bundled

We provide TPA, recordkeeping and custodial services.


Automation creates efficiency and reduces errors.

Efficient setup

Send clients a link, or complete setup on their behalf in just 15 minutes.

Monitor progress

See how well your plans are performing at a glance. You can also request access to participant accounts.

Download proposal

Enter a few pieces of information and you can download co-branded client proposals at any time, day or night.

Integrate with your TAMP

Our platform integrates with trusted tools to help you monitor your plans.

Get lots of reports

We have many reports available. Our most comprehensive report is perfect for annual or quarterly reviews.

Flexible 3(38) services

You have investment fiduciary options.

Let us handle it:

we offer 3(38) services with a robust investment lineup.

You handle it:

you can provide 3(38) services and build custom investment lineups and models within our portal.

Use a 3(38) partner:

we have a selection of partners that specialize in 3(38) services, which are available for an extra fee.

Offer the best price

Advisor-led plans receive our best pricing, with a low 0.1% AUM.

Build your own custom pricing tiers

Affordable pricing for your clients

Practical pricing

We left space for your fee when we built ours. You can include your fee in our proposals, build pricing tiers in the portal, and we will provide friction-free billing to ease the collection process.

Does your state have retirement mandates?

State retirement mandates are creating a massive opportunity for advisors to build their practices. Find out why we recommend advisors focus on the micro-market and partner with 401GO.

Ask us to set up your partnership.

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“Our business caters to small business owners. The 401GO platform makes so much sense for these clients.”

– Anonymous

“No other platform exists where an advisor may help their client open a qualified retirement plan in 15 minutes!”

– Joel K.


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