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401GO is committed to providing transparent, competitive pricing for our 401(k) plans. Most small business owners find that they can have a retirement benefit for far less than they expected, and many of them discover that 401GO is the most affordable 401(k) company. 

Effective retirement planning must be affordable. Thanks to compound interest, thousands of dollars of growth could be lost to high fees and intensive ongoing management. 401GO offers a large selection of excellent investments at reasonable prices for participants.

A large percentage of employees at small businesses are not offered a low-priced 401(k) plan, and must use other, often inferior, products to manage their retirement savings. To help more Americans prepare for retirement, we offer some of the most affordable pricing in the industry. Medium, small, and even very, very small businesses can afford to offer their teams a 401(k) plan. This levels the playing field, allowing smaller companies to compete for the best employees by providing an attractive retirement benefit at a low price.

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$9/ user per month


$4-9/ user per month


$4-9/ user per month

15 Min Self Setup
Assisted Setup
Profit Sharing
Vesting Schedules
Safe Harbor Plans
Non-Safe Harbor Plans
New Comparability
Volume Pricing
Plan Administration
3(16) Plan Administration
Employee Onboarding
Unlimited Deferral Changes
Loans & Hardship Withdrawals
360 Payroll Integration
TRUE-360 Integration™
Phone, Email, Chat
Help Center – FAQs
Dedicated Relationship Manager
Investment Management
3(38) Fiduciary
Diverse Investment Choices
Automatic Rebalancing
Guided Portfolio Builder
Dedicated Local Advisor
Optional Outside 3(38)
Bring Your Own Advisor
Preferred Advisor Pairing
Compliance & Filing
Ongoing Automated Compliance
Non-Descrimination Testing
Fill, Sign and Send 5500, 1099-R, 8955-SSA
ERISA Bond Included

Volume 401(k) Pricing Discounts


per participant per month

51-100 employees


per participant per month

101-200 employees


per participant per month

201-300 employees


per participant per month

301-400 employees


per participant per month

401-500 employees

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Frequently asked questions

Setup fees are not allowed here. We just don’t do it.

Zip, zero, nada. While some other providers lock you in by charging high fees to leave, we prefer to keep your business with great service and an amazing platform.

Employers pay the per-participant fee only for current employees who are actively contributing to their 401(k) account. You will not be charged for those who leave your employment.

Terminated employees are charged for their own accounts, at a discounted rate. They are also able to roll their assets into a 401GO IRA, if they choose to.

The per-participant and base fees are paid by the employer. The AUM fee is pulled from plan assets, so it is paid by all those who participate in the plan.

We offer different pricing options to best fit the needs of your organization.

GO-STARTER: This is our least expensive option, and a really good choice for extremely small companies. To use this option, you will need to create a Safe Harbor plan. These are typically the best choice for micro-sized businesses, and the automated setup process will suggest the best one for you.

GO-PLUS: If your business is growing, if you want a traditional (non-Safe-Harbor) plan, or if you are transferring your existing plan from another provider, this pricing option is a great choice. The fee is slightly higher, but it comes with extras, like an ERISA bond, a dedicated relationship manager, and access to our True360 integration.

GO-PREMIER: This option is for advisor-led plans. Since advisors take some of the responsibility, they will add their fee on top of ours. While this pricing option may end up costing a little more, many businesses find it worth the price, since advisors are very helpful during the setup and ongoing management of the plan, and they tend to improve outcomes for everyone involved.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, just ask. We’re happy to talk through the details with you.