Our platform is designed for small businesses, so we have reduced much of the complication associated with traditional 401(k) providers. There are two important keys that allow us to give you a very affordable plan.

The first is service bundling. We serve as the Third-Party Administrator (TPA), the recordkeeper, and the custodian (through our partner Matrix Trust). We also provide 3(38) investment fiduciary services, which allows us to offer you an excellent and affordable fund lineup. These services typically require 2-3 different professionals to manage with legacy providers, each with their own fees.

The second is automation. We built our platform from scratch, using automation technology to handle many of the tasks others do manually. Automating processes means many tasks are done in the background, efficiently, error-free and on time. Since we don’t have to pay salaries to get these tasks completed, we can save you a substantial amount of money.

Don’t worry, we never automate relationships! Call us for personal support from a human.