Built for Small Business

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Quick and Easy Setup

We can complete in as little as 8 minutes what takes the industry an average of 8 weeks to do. As a full-service solution provider, we eliminate the need for negotiating multiple agreements, dozens of forms, and needless spreadsheets going back and forth. Through our guided design process, you’ll be GOing in no time!

All Devices

Robust Plan Design

Not only is setup quick and simple, but our plans are also packed with a robust set of features.

  • Auto-Enrollment

  • Safe Harbor Plans

  • Vesting and Eligibility Options

  • Match & Non-Match Contribution Options

  • New Comparability Profit Sharing

  • Control Groups Supported


Invest Intelligently

Guided Portfolio Design

Every 401GO plan includes our Guided Portfolio Design. We will design and suggest a customized portfolio based on each participant’s needs and investing goals. We use several factors such as the time until retirement and risk tolerance to suggest a customized portfolio.

Invest Intelligently

Priced for Small Business

401GO was designed for efficiency to make it affordable for small startup plans but it also has the power and flexibility needed by larger organizations for more complex needs.

Signup in Minutes

Most plan providers take an average of 8 weeks to set up a plan. We think 8 minutes is more appropriate.

No Hidden Fees

No startup fees, no base fee, no filing fee, no compliance fee, no BS! Absolutely, positively, no hidden fees in your 401(k) plan. 


We are a one-stop shop for your 401(k). We handle all aspects of your 401(k), so there is no need for other service providers.


per participant – monthly

Key Features

  • Flexible Plan Design
  • Safe Harbor Plans
  • Roth & Traditional Options
  • Auto Enrollment ($500 tax credit!)
  • Automated Compliance & Testing
  • Dynamic Rebalancing
  • Payroll Integration

Administration Made Easy

Compliance & Testing

Rather than wait until the end of the year to determine if a plan is in compliance, our system performs ongoing tests with each new payroll upload. 

3(16) Fiduciary Services

401GO is the 3(16) plan administrator to ensure plans are in compliance with ERISA standards. We handle all reporting and notifications to plan participants and the IRS.

3(38) Investment Manager

As the 3(38) fiduciary we take on the responsibility and liability of selecting retirement appropriate funds then make personalized recommendations to participants on how they should allocate their investments.

Payroll Integration

401GO integrates with many major payroll providers to reduce the amount of work that goes into handling and reporting employee deferrals with each pay run.