401(k) Features

Discover what makes 401GO unique.

When we built the platform from scratch, we rethought everything.


Fast Setup

You can complete the set up process in as little as 15 minutes. We eliminate the need for negotiating multiple agreements, forms and spreadsheets. Using our guided process, you'll be saving in no time!

No Administrative Burden

After setup, you'll only spend 10 minutes a year taking care of your plan. Payroll integrations make most of the tasks happen automatically, with no work from you.

Affordable Pricing

Compare to the thousands you'll spend with legacy providers, we charge a low $9/participant price with no setup fee or termination fee.

Live Customer Support

We don't automate relationships! We offer live support for employees and dedicated relationship managers for employers and partners.

What makes your plan outstanding?

Payroll Integrations

With our True360™, we can integrated with almost every payroll provider out there.

Flexible Plan Designs

We can accommodate almost any type of plan design, including safe harbor, profit-sharing and traditional options.


On our Plus and Premier plans, an ERISA bond is included, so your assets are insured and safe.

Guided Portfolio Builder

We don't shove participants into pre-built boxes, we customize portfolios to meet their individual needs.

Automated Notifications

Our system will send out required notifications by email, so you'll never have to track employee eligibility on your own.

Nondiscrimination Testing

We provide automated, ongoing testing to watch for problems all year long, so you won't have surprises at year end.

Compliance Work

We prepare, sign and file the 5500 form, as well as the 1099-R and 8955-SSA. We'll take responsibility for the accuracy of these forms.

Optional Outside 3(38)

We provide 3(38) fiduciary services, but we also love partnering with other financial advisors to give you the best results.

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