Silicon Slopes 401(k) Syndicate

The exclusive 401(k) platform for Silicon Slopes members.

Silicon Slopes 401k Syndicate Plan


401k for small business

401GO and Silicon Slopes

have partnered up to provide an exclusive, members-only benefit to Silicon Slopes members.

The Silicon Slopes 401(k) Syndicate gives you the most affordable retirement benefit available for your team with all these features:

15-minute setup

Hands-off administration

Industry-leading support

Financial wellness tools

Get preferred pricing.

The Silicon Slopes 401(k) Syndicate is a group retirement plan that allows members to band together to take advantage of economies of scale. As participation increases, pricing decreases! This empowers you to get much better pricing than you could get on your own.

In addition to this preferred pricing, Silicon Slopes members get the first 3 MONTHS FREE!

Your first 3 months are FREE!

Plans are priced per active participant, with discounts applied as the volume grows.

Enjoy investment expertise.

OneDigital is the preferred 3(38) investment fiduciary for the Syndicate. A 3(38) fiduciary assumes most of the risk and responsibilities associated with offering investments within an employer sponsored retirement plan. This will ensure the fund line up is professionally managed and, taking advantage of economies of scale, help to drive down costs.

If you are already working with a financial advisor, we can include them in the running of your plan.

Plans will have access to OneDigital’s Financial Academy, which provides employees a resource to get advice on a variety of financial topics.  See the link below for more details.

Expert 3(38) fiduciary services

Financial Acadamy: education and advice

To learn more about participating in the Silicon Slopes 401(k) Syndicate, please reach out to OneDigital.

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