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15-minute setup

Using a guided setup process, you’ll answer a series of questions about your business, your employees, and your plan, and 401GO will suggest the best plan design and prepare documents. The whole process takes only minutes, instead of weeks with other providers.

Super simple administration

We integrate with your payroll or HR provider, so that funds are calculated and deposited, notifications are sent, and eligibility is tracked, all automatically with no work from you.

Affordable pricing

401GO was designed for efficiency to make it affordable for even the smallest businesses, while providing the power and flexibility that more complex organizations require.

Live support from real humans

We provide industry-leading customer support from live agents by phone, email or chat. Employers and partners receive a dedicated relationship manager.

State mandates are affecting millions of businesses.

Is your state one of them? Find out.

Businesses in some states may be mandated to offer a retirement plan.

Retirement plans are mandatory.

A number of states are now requiring businesses to offer a retirement plan. Many more have legislation in process, so it is likely to be a reality for almost all businesses within a few years.

Most state plans are Roth IRAs.

Roth IRAs are not for everyone, and they’re not as powerful as a 401(k). A 401(k) has much higher contribution limits, better investment options, and is typically more affordable for participants.

Some state plans are expensive.

Some states charge high fees to participants, and some impose penalties for employers who are not compliant.

A 401(k) is the best alternative.

A 401(k) plan counts as a qualified retirement options, allowing businesses to avoid using the state-run plans.

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Conversation starters

Ask these questions to your clients to determine their retirement benefit needs.

Do you currently offer a 401(k)?

If yes, are you happy with it? Would you like to make changes or switch providers?

If no, have you considered it?

Do you have concerns about hiring and retention?

Do you have anything in place to help with employee retention? 

Are you aware of state retirement mandates?

Several states have mandates in place that will affect almost all businesses. Several more have legislation in progress.

We never automate relationships.

No one wants to get customer service from a robot. Employers get a dedicated relationship manager, and employees get live support available by phone, email or chat. Our excellent support is our top-rated feature!

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