A 401GO Syndicate gives associations the ability to offer a superior retirement plan at a fraction of the cost.

A 401(k) Syndicate powered by 401GO offers a streamlined and efficient way to group multiple small businesses together to take advantage of economies of scale. A Syndicate comes with some substantial advantages, both for employers and the sponsoring organization.

401k Syndicate- group 401k plan


The sponsoring organization gets a group plan with:

No Cost

A Syndicate comes at no cost to the sponsoring organization. Using pooled pricing, the member businesses pay a very low per-participant fee.

No Fiduciary Liability

The sponsoring organization takes on no fiduciary responsibility, and they offload the day-to-day plan management to 401GO.

No Waiting

While some group plans take weeks or even months to set up, your Syndicate can be up and running the same day.

Live Support

Sponsoring organizations and plan sponsors receive a dedicated relationship manager. Participants can receive support by chat, email, or a phone call with a live human being.


The participating employer gets a retirement plan with:

Pooled Pricing

A Syndicate allows businesses to group together to receive bulk pricing. Depending on the size of your group, pricing could be as low as $4/active participant.

Extremely Fast Setup

Setting up a new plan takes just 15 minutes using our automated system, compared to the industry standard of 4-6 weeks. Employees can set up their accounts in just 5 minutes.

Bundled services

401GO handles plan design, administration, recordkeeping, investment lineups, and our partner Matrix Trust holds the plan assets. Full automation makes management easy and largely error-free.

Excellent fund options

401GO offers many low-cost funds in risk-adjusted portfolios for best participant outcomes.

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Perhaps the biggest benefit of the 401GO Syndicate is the cost. Employers have access to much better pricing through the Syndicate than they could get if they worked with us directly. Utilizing economies of scale, pricing could be as low as

$4 per participant

syndicate 401k
syndicate pricing

Offer the best benefit to your organization.

Business associations, chambers of commerce, clients of an accounting firm, or any other organization of businesses can sponsor a 401(k) Syndicate.

This group retirement plan gives you a valuable benefit to offer participating business, at no cost or liability to you.

  • Most group plans take weeks (or months) to set up. A Syndicate can be up and running the same day, with no complications and no waiting.
  • The benefit comes at NO COST to the sponsoring organization. Employers receive discounted pricing as the group grows, using economies of scale.
  • The sponsoring organization incurs NO fiduciary liability or responsibility for the running or management of the plan.
  • All the onboarding and ongoing administration is performed by 401GO, removing the burden from both the sponsor and the employer.
  • The 401(k) is co-branded by 401GO with your organization’s logo, for brand recognition.

You won’t find another 401(k) offering that compares to the price and effortless operation that comes with a Syndicate plan from 401GO.

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Are you a financial advisor?
Talk to us about serving as the 3(38) fiduciary.

Good for groups, good for employers.

When organizations offer a truly beneficial retirement plan to their participants, it attracts new members. Businesses come to see your organization as one that can be trusted, one that is valuable, one they want to tell their friends about.

For this reason, organizations should ensure the perks they offer are truly top-notch.

  • Modern automated 401(k) solutions like the one offered by 401GO are built specifically for small businesses, as an easy-to-use solution that saves time while remaining affordable.
  • Time is often the biggest obstacle to small businesses adopting a retirement plan. With a Syndicate plan, the business owner offloads all the administrative work, so that the only task left to them is to update their plan and contact information annually, which takes about 10 minutes.
  • Pooled pricing is perhaps the best feature of a group plan. Much like purchasing food or supplies in bulk, a Syndicate allows businesses to group their participants together to take advantage of bulk pricing they could not get otherwise.
  • The platform is loved by employees as well. In just 5 minutes, they can receive a portfolio that is customized to their needs and risk tolerance. They can manage their accounts online, and make adjustments to their investments at any time.

If a business ever wants to sever ties with the sponsoring organization, they can easily exit the group and take their existing plan with them, with no termination fees.

Avoid these annoying problems.

While fees and liability are big issues for organizations, some smaller problems can be like a pebble in your shoe, causing pain over time. When making your decisions, be sure to consider these issues:

  • Sometimes an organization and a member need to part ways. With a Syndicate plan there is no termination fee, and each employer has its own fiduciary, its own portal, and files its own reports, making each plan portable and easy to remove. 
  • A Syndicate does not require an outside audit, and individual plans would only need to be audited if they have 120+ eligible participants. This structure completely removes one of the biggest downsides of group plans.
  • While most Syndicate groups will have a financial advisor involved, participating businesses can also bring their own advisor along. In fact, we encourage participating sponsors to include a financial advisor, because they tend to improve outcomes and participation rates.

If your organization might benefit from a 401GO Syndicate, contact us for a price quote.