growing business 401GO hiring

Fintech, 401GO continues to hire.

SLC, UT – Despite the fact that over 141,072 workers have been laid off in the tech industry this year, 401GO has increased its workforce by 8%. 

“It’s exciting to be able to grow especially during this current economic climate. Expanding our team will allow us to continue to meet the demand for more retirement plans across the country,” stated Dan Beck, CEO of 401GO.

Due to several state mandates requiring states to offer a retirement plan to their employees, 401GO has seen a significant increase of inquiries from both small businesses and financial advisors who provide retirement plans for their clients. 

Along with growing their sales and marketing team, 401GO is expanding their services by offering IRA plans in months to come. This is in addition to 401(k) and solo-k plans. 

About 401GO

401GO provides a comprehensive retirement solution for small businesses and financial advisors with automation technology and industry-leading support. 



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