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The Tax Benefits of Retirement Plans

Jennifer Stott

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Most people know that socking money away in a 401(k) is a good strategy for helping to ensure a more secure retirement. But not everyone understands the tax benefits involved…

Are Small Businesses Required to Provide a 401(k) Match?

Jennifer Stott

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As a small-business owner, if you’re thinking about sponsoring a 401(k) plan, you may wonder about a company match. Are small businesses required to offer a 401(k) match, or is…

Strategies to Supercharge Your IRA & Maximize Returns

Alex Sirstins

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Saving for retirement is a race, and you don’t want to fall behind into that group of slackers at the back of the pack. If you think it’s all about…

Is It Time for Your Small Business to Offer a 401(k)?

Dillon Hunt

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You have a lot to consider when you’re thinking about starting a 401(k) at your small business. It’s a big step to take, and you want to make sure you’re…

How to Establish a Vesting Schedule for Your Company’s 401(k)

Alex Sirstins

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If you are just starting a 401(k) at your company, you may be wondering about vesting. How should you decide what type of vesting schedule to establish? Does it really…

State Retirement Mandates and Hiring: Attracting Talent to Small Businesses

Justin Pinner

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Small-business owners have a lot to think about, and when states started passing laws forcing them to offer retirement plans to employees, it gave them more to think about. At…