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We share your goals.

Like you, we give small companies business solutions that are effective, affordable and well-supported. Creating strong partnerships helps to make clients happy, and happy clients stay put.

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The best relationships

No one wants to get customer service from a robot. All our advisor partners get a dedicated relationship manager, with support available by phone, email or chat. Our excellent support is our top-rated feature!

The best product


Our plans are practically priced for small businesses.


Automation creates massive efficiency and reduces errors.


We integrate with almost every payroll provider.

The best price

Automation creates efficiency, which drives down costs substantially. And, we only charge per active participant (not per employee)
Add in the attractive tax incentives for startup plans, and most businesses will pay nothing for the first 3 years.

Perks for your representatives

Sensible support leads to success for all.

Training: we provide an initial onboarding training

Support: help from our consultants, and insights delivered via monthly email

Spiffs: financial bonuses help keep your team motivated

Does your state have retirement mandates?

State retirement mandates are creating urgency for many small businesses. Find out which states are most affected.

Stick with us.

And your clients will stick with you.

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“The tech platform makes administering and managing a 401k such a breeze. And for participants, the built-in financial wellness feature is extremely helpful."

– Tim W.

“Everyone I have dealt with is so friendly, knowledgeable, and fantastic to work with!"

– Randy O.


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