Find The Right 401K Plan for Your Small Business

No matter the job market temperature, offering retirement savings benefits to employees can help small businesses level the playing field when competing for top-tier talent. Pensions and other traditional retirement vehicles often prove too expensive for smaller operations. However, a 401K plan delivers...

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Any Size Business Can Offer A 401K Solution

Yes, Any Size Business Can Offer A 401k Solution

Small business owners recognize that offering employees a 401K savings plan as part of their overall compensation package delivers several significant benefits. Previous generations of workers often planned for their futures using more predictable savings vehicles like traditional pensions. However,...

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Why a Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan?

When it comes to selecting a 401(k) plan, you may not know where to start. You may also be confused by the options that are presented to you, and in many respects do not know what questions to ask even when the opportunity is given. I want to help everyone understand why you should add what is...

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Dynamics of financial growth

The Future of Retirement and the 401(k) Syndicate

Many Americans tend to think that a 401(k) plan is an auxiliary benefit, much like taking vitamins to stay healthy, but when it comes to actual “serious” benefits it’s lower on the list of absolute necessity. This might be attributed to the converging views of cost versus value—and if you add in...

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The Free 401(k) Plan

A “401(k)” generally has a stigma of being too expensive and too time-consuming for small businesses in particular. The reality is that it doesn’t have to be. It can be simplified and it can be affordable. It’s that perspective that we hope to change at 401GO. Simple and affordable 401(k) plans shouldn’t...

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Everyone Ready for Retirement: MEP or not to MEP

Have you ever watched a child try to put a triangle-shaped block into a square-shaped hole? You know, that shape-sorting game in which the right shaped block goes in the right hole of the wooden box. It’s a timeless game that has been used from generation to generation. The child picks up a specific...

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401GO Cares and the CARES Act 401k Rules

At 401GO we hold the vision that everyone should have access to a 401k plan, and that it should be affordable and portable. Costs should be low and technology abundant. However, given the current events, we are also realistic. We understand that businesses may not be looking at the 401k plan as much...

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting a 401(k) Plan

The time has come: you are expecting to have a 401(k) plan. All your business-owner friends have raved about having one, and you’ve been the one excluded from their group conversations and in most cases you’ve been confused by some of the things they’ve said. What do they mean about matching costs?...

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The F Word in 401k

F is for Fiduciary Who is a fiduciary? I am sure the question has been on your mind all day. It probably keeps you up at night. You probably just finished a conversation about it with a co-worker. Or not. All kidding aside, a fiduciary may be familiar to you because of your position as an owner...

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Why I waited to Offer a 401(K)

Why I waited to Offer a 401(K) and why you don’t have to. I have started over a dozen companies in the past decade. I’ve had successful exits from most of them and a few failures all while gaining a tremendous amount of experience along the way. At one point, I had about 15 different companies all...

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The Origin of the 401(k) Plan (Quick Review)

Where did the idea for a 401(k) plan originate? Why is it called a “401(k) plan” in the first place? And why have 401(k) plans become so difficult for small businesses to administer over the years? For the answers, we have to go back in time— back to the year 1978. Tax Tweaks in 1978 Over...

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