6 Media Resources Every 401(k) Advisor Should Follow


The financial world is surprisingly fluid. While the principles of finance are constant, laws and regulations are always changing. Societal needs change, too, so your clients’ relationship with money will differ over time.

To keep up with changes, and be prepared to best serve clients, 401(k) advisors should find the most up-to-date industry resources available – or let the resources find them! 

Here’s a list of our favorite industry media outlets. All have newsletters that bring their best articles right to your inbox.

#1: BenefitsPRO

BenefitsPRO has a robust site that is organized into sections depending on your interest. The main three areas are “Benefits Broker,” “Benefits Manager,” and “Retirement Advisor.” They also provide a section about Covid-19. They aim to provide insight to help industry professionals understand changing markets. 

They provide no less than ten benefits industry newsletters to choose from. Some of these focus on news, others on healthcare. Some are aimed only at retirement, others more broadly at all benefits. They offer daily and weekly newsletters, and even send some as news breaks.

We’ve found them to be a reliable source of information, and especially useful for understanding legal and regulatory changes.


PLANSPONSOR describes themselves as “the trusted information and solutions resource for America’s retirement benefits decision-makers.” While not as news-focused as some other outlets, you can find daily articles about developments in the retirement industry. 

They also provide a magazine that is published six times a year. Create a free account, and you’ll be able to receive the digital or print editions of the magazine, as well as see archives dating back to 1993. 

We like PLANSPONSOR for their unique research and awards, too. They really help retirement professionals understand their industry better.

#3: 401(k) Specialist

With its more narrow focus, 401(k) Specialist aims directly at helping retirement plan advisors. They write about many topics, including fiduciary, investments, client acquisition, HSAs, practice management, and more. 

They offer a newsletter which is very easy to subscribe to, as well as a magazine. The digital version of the magazine is very easy to read online, but print editions are available as well.

Regardless of your age, experience, or asset size, 401(k) Specialist is a valuable resource for retirement professionals.

#4: Kiplinger

Kiplinger has been providing economics reporting for more than 100 years. They’re known for their excellent editorial content and their journalistic ethics. 

They provide multiple newsletter options. Their two business-focused publications are written primarily for business managers. The two individual-focused newsletters cover general financial wellness topics. 

We appreciate Kiplinger’s broad range of financial topics and their helpfulness for both individuals and business managers.

#5 Forbes

Forbes is a well-known magazine which covers general business topics as well as economic, financial, science and technology issues and more.

Forbes offers dozens of newsletters. Stay on top of issues related to cryptocurrency, women leaders, breaking news, food & agriculture, politics, climate, and more. The Forbes Investing Digest is a weekly roundup of top investing articles.

#6 Barron’s

Barron’s is another 100-year old platform, this one helping investors with the complicated financial markets. You’ll see a variety of topics, including healthcare, education, oil, technology, travel, media, and more. 

With well over a dozen newsletters available, Barron’s gives you both weekly and daily options. We especially like the retirement newsletter, which brings retirement planning articles right to your inbox.

Stay at the Top of Your Game

Financial advising is a competitive industry. Those who succeed are those who work hard to become knowledgeable and can spot the trends in the market. 

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