7 Ways Online 401(k) Plans Change the Game For Small Businesses


Until just a few years ago, very few small employers offered a 401(k). Traditional plans are complicated, hard to understand, and expensive. Many benefit providers won’t even bother to create a small plan. A retirement option for small businesses just wasn’t practical.

Modern 401(k) providers are creating a new environment of opportunity for small business owners, HR specialists, and financial advisors. These providers leverage cutting-edge technology explicitly designed to improve participation and significantly reduce the overall risk for owners of small businesses.

Most importantly, these innovations offer a user-friendly platform that provides a simple pathway to a comfortable retirement that has not been available to millions of American employees before now.     


Does an online 401(k) plan make sense for your small business?

The key piece of technology that makes this new generations of plans available is automation. Many of the individual tasks related to 401(k) plan creation and administration can be better performed by automation technology. 

Knowing some of the most significant benefits of an online 401(k) plan can help you decide if this new type of retirement savings program is right for your business.     


  • Automated Onboarding
    Forget about chasing people and paperwork. Automation technology eases the setup process from weeks of hassles to just a few minutes of focus. In just 15 minutes, you can have your new plan completely set up. This includes the plan document, dashboard login, and notifications to employees.
  • Increased User Control
    The best digital retirement savings strategy puts employees and plan sponsors in control of their contributions. Once set up in the system, participants can log into their accounts and easily see allocations, modify savings, and ask questions.
  • Cost-Savings
    Traditional 401(k) options are expensive. But, thanks to the amount of work that is saved using automation, online retirement solutions are able to offer affordable plans for even the smallest businesses. You’ll enjoy a high-end plan at a rate that traditional 401(k) providers can’t touch.
  • Plan Flexibility
    Business owners and financial advisors know firsthand that their employees and clients have unique needs. Using an online 401(k) vendor eliminates the need to force-fit employees into a predetermined category based on their age and risk tolerance. Instead, employers and financial planners have the flexibility of adding the various components. Our unique algorithmic guided selection process is a new approach to investing which accounts for the nuances of participants’ needs for the right final fit.
  • Payroll Integration
    You won’t need to pay a bookkeeper, because leading online providers integrate with your company’s payroll or HR system to drive efficiency. Integration not only saves time, but also reduces errors. Once the integration is complete, you won’t need to worry about it again!
  • Automated Compliance
    Manually managing compliance can put both businesses and financial advisors at risk. A modern retirement solution automates compliance, monitoring constantly for problems to ensure they can be resolved quickly before they get out of hand.
  • Access to Actual Humans (Yes, Really)
    Leading online 401(k) providers won’t just offer the best plan — they’ll also offer the very best people. You’ll have access to their customer service support team to provide clarity and answer questions for optimized peace of mind.

401GO: An Industry Game-Changer 

401GO was built to provide small businesses with affordable 401(k) plans that don’t sacrifice quality. A retirement benefit can lend credibility without breaking the bank, increasing your competitive advantage in today’s difficult job market.

To learn more, schedule a quick discovery call with one of our professionals today.

Secure your future today. Enroll in your 401(k) plan now.

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Secure your future today. Enroll in your 401(k) plan now.