Dan Beck
CEO, Co-founder
As the CEO and co-founder of 401GO, Dan is passionate about helping small companies provide a practical retirement solution for their teams.


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Is Secure Choice Good for Workers? No. It’s Not.

States are celebrating their secure choice retirement mandates as a major solution to the American retirement crisis, but workers say otherwise. In fact, 70% say they don’t want to save…

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Why I Waited to Offer a 401(K)

Why I waited to offer a 401(K) and why you don’t have to. I have started over a dozen companies in the past decade. I’ve had successful exits from most…

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The Origin of the 401(k) Plan

Where did the idea for a 401(k) plan originate? Why is it called a "401(k) plan" in the first place? And why have 401(k) plans become so difficult for small…


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