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The Tax Benefits of Retirement Plans

Jennifer Stott

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Most people know that socking money away in a 401(k) is a good strategy for helping to ensure a more secure retirement. But not everyone understands the tax benefits involved…

How a 401(k) Helps with Payroll Taxes

Kevin Richards

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If you’re a small-business owner wrestling with the decision about whether to offer your employees a 401(k) plan, we have some good news for you — some of the benefits…

4 Reasons You Should Offer Matching 401(k) Contributions

Dillon Hunt

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Every business owner spends time thinking about how to keep costs down. It’s only natural — the less money you have going out, the more you can keep in your…

5 Updates to Make Your 401(k) Attractive to Gen Z Workers in 2023

Jennifer Stott

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There’s a new trend among employees called “super saving.” Super savers put at least 20% of their salary into a retirement or other investment account. While super savers come in…